Wednesday, March 14, 2012

marching along in March

Jerry teaches at Lanna Theological Center part-time. This is one of his students to whom he teaches Greek.
This month I will write about some of the things we do extra, besides our work at Philokalia.  Lanna Theological Center is a small Bible College close to our land. We are under the same foundation and work closely together.   We attended a going away dinner for two of the Thai teachers who are leaving the school.  This is a picture of Jerry talking to David A Filbeck  after dinner.  Jerry is on the right.
Jerry was also invited to preach at a NgoChang/JingPaw service. Wiilai who is a former student translated for Jerry. This is her husband sitting next to Jerry.  He also had a part in the service.

This was a husband/wife duet in the Jing-Paw language. The song was about the 23rd Psalm.

Wiilai and Jerry bringing the message. Above is a video I put on of the beginning of the sermon. Jerry is preaching in Thai, and Wiilai is translating into both NgoChang and JingPaw.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feburay...visitors , old memories, and current happenings

A new team picture!   Front row; Prawit, Surin, and Yai. 

Doug Umbanhowar visited with us for a few days this month. Doug worked with us when we first came to Thailand 35 years ago. He comes through for a visit now and then.  The first thing Doug wants to do is head for the Khaw Soi shop and have a bowl of noodles!

A group of students from the past who are now in ministry had a welcome party for Doug! We met at our Philokalia Center and had a grand time of telling stories and of course eating!!!

We met Dennis Moss who is helping  a former student with drip method water system for watering trees.  When Doug met him at our former students children's hostel in the mountains, he put us together to learn more about what they are doing there.  Dennis (red shirt)  came to our place to take a look at our trees and offer suggestions.

We then went to the land in the mountains where Dennis is helping to plant an orchard for the children's hostel.  We took a hike through their orchard ....

And also had a grand lunch !  Kanlaya pictured here is a former student, married to Atapha. Together they are doing a super job providing education for mountain children.

Our team is always looking for opportunities for improving our farm!  We bought some black boned chickens from the children's hostel during our visit! These chickens are believed to have medicinal value far above regular chickens, and sell for a higher price!  We bought a male and a female.

The Saa paper group made a visit to an ex-pat who has been making lots of jewelery. We spent a Saturday morning learning to make several kinds of jewelery.  We especially liked a design of beads made of paper.

Some of the group was so intent on their work, they couldn't stop for a picture!

A dear friend of ours from the States provided money for a community bench around our tree which will be the center of our circle of housing and work. This is the unpolished version, as it just now got finished. Their will be grass and flowers and as our tree grows, there will be shade. We have named this tree "Tree of Life"  Our hope is that under this tree, and on this bench, many people will find Life.

The plaque in Thai put in memory of our friend's son who passed away early in his life.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

this week at Philokalia

  •  The Saa Paper group has had a busy week fulfilling a big order
  •  Painting clothes pin pegs. One of the newest members of our group, Tum, is a very talented painter.
  •                                            Some finished work
    Joe is working on some wrist bands
    Jerry has been teaching the team about how to study the Bible to help in their teaching and preaching.  We meet every Wednesday morning from 9 to 12  to study together.  After lunch we have our staff meeting.

Surin and Yai are bundled up and drinking their coffee as they study.

Ampha volunteered to catch us some fish for dinner.  We have begun selling our fish on a come- and -catch- it- yourself basis. 

Ok, so the fish is a lot closer to the camera and looks twice the size it really is! It tasted delicious!

These are some banana trees that Ashland Church helped us plant two years ago. They were not even knee high when we planted them.

Around the banana orchard we have fenced in an area for the chickens. We have been told our soil needs chicken manure for fertilizer.  Hence the chickens and the fence.
Thank you for visiting our blog for Philokalia! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new beginning ... January 2012

  • It was great to get back to Thailand after being away for our 3 months furlough of speaking and seeing family. Jerry arrived back in late November, and Pam made it back in time to spend Christmas with Jerry and our Philokalia family.  Surin is giving thanks for the bread and the cup. We lead a very simple life here on the farm. Our goal is to be a light to the community as we reach out in love to the hurting in Jesus' name. Thank you for your participation and prayers as you join us toward this goal.

  •  This sewing machine holds a special place in our hearts, as it was given in memory of Rita Counts by her daughter Cathy. Rita loved to sew and especially wanted Cathy to know the joys of sewing. As Cathy was not gifted in sewing, she wanted her mom's legacy to be passed on to those using sewing to benefit others.  This is Yai, sewing on the dedicated sewing machine.

A Christmas gathering of the saa paper work group. We had a Christmas dinner, exchanged gifts, handed out end-of-the-year bonuses, and ended with encouragement and prayer for the coming year.

Yai, in the center, is leading the program,  giving the group encouraging words and thanks for all who worked hard to make Rainbow Tree products something of which we can be proud.  The lady to Yai's left, and the man in the corner, are visitors who came to share the Christmas celebration with us.

Oley, in the center, and Ampha, to her left, are giving Yai their undivided attention. These two ladies are two core members of our group. They attend services on most Sundays, but have not taken the step of making Jesus lord of their lives.  They are HIV+, but are doing quite well with their health.

                                         Oley on a paper shopping trip

                             Joe helping out on our shopping trip. Joe is also a full time worker. He is a Buddhist man, and also is enjoying good health.

                         Buying cardboard for our boxes and picture frames, which we will cover with homemade saa paper.

We are beginning a line of bracelets and earrings.  On our shopping trip we purchased bags of beads to string.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The first week of August at the center

Ontario Christian Church sent over $1,000 dollars to buy and cow and build a barn for the cow. Here are church members assembling a barn we took apart a few days before.  It is located on the far side of the pond .  The barn and the cow are in our original plans for the farm. Eventually we will be processing the cow manure for cooking gas, and also using it for fertilizer for the gardens.

Pam and Dianne, (Pam's sister) helped by handing up the roofing tiles.

July at the center

Bua and Alm leading us in song as we worship on Sunday morning
The youth are decorating the bulletin board for Mother's Day, which will be August 12th.  We are planning a big work day on the property for Mothers Day, for it  is a national holiday, as it is the Queen's birthday.   The students from LTC (Lanna Theological Center) are coming to help cut grass, and plant gardens.
We had visitors this month, Pam's sister Dianne Wiley and Dianne's granddaughter Ashley came to work and to visit us. Ashley helped me with the children's class on Sunday morning.

The saa paper group have been very busy carrying out orders for local companies this summer.  Dianne, Ashley and I came to help out several times a week during their visit.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morning the 26th of June, 2011 was a beautiful overcast morning. I will share a bit of the beauty in the next few pictures

Our budding orchard, on the other side of the pond. (not the coconut trees in the background)

The drops of water on the lily pads were like diamonds
June 26th at our worship service.  Prayer request time.

welcoming visitors

Scripture reading

worshiping the Lord together
After the service, we eat lunch and hang out together , here are some of our "hanging out" pictures

Yai is in the pink shirt, she is on the staff at Philokalia. Her husband is Manop and works in a Christian outreach program for the Lisu tribe.  Their daughter, Ning is working hard and has plans to become a doctor to help the poor.  Pray for this family who has patterned their lives to helping others in Jeus's name.