Wednesday, March 30, 2011

  • Jerry preached the sermon on Sunday, we had the largest attendance on Sunday than we have had in almost a year. That is encouraging to us, as we reach out to the communities surrounding our new venue for ministry.
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  • Surin is posing with the garden produce that we are reaping. We gathered some on Sunday to allow attenders to buy what they need first. We have several marketing venues ready to take our produce. 
  • Recently the Saa paper group were asked if they would like help to begin raising mushrooms. They asked us if they could construct a small "shed" to raise the mushrooms on the property.  We agreed, and the blossoming mushrooms arrived.  Yai is on the left, Oley, and Eet on the right. This is supposed to be an easy project to do on the side, while the group are busy making paper cards and bags.  We are glad to support them in this project, and may even buy a few mushrooms!!!!
  • Oley posing with the group's mushroom project.

Monday, March 21, 2011

  • Sunday after church the youth plan their yearly retreat. They are planning an evangelistic outreach program.  Surin is our Youth Leader.
  • Lunch for everyone after the church service.
Sunday morning, Surin (black shirt) is preaching the message. The young man in the striped shirt came for the first time.  He is a student attending a near by University and looking for a church home close to school.
  • Graduation service for Lanna Theological Center in which Jerry teaches part-time.
  • Praying for the graduates at Lanna Theological Center graduation service. Jerry is on the left end.
  • We participated in the graduation service at Lanna Theological Center. Jerry is second in from the left.  Some of these students have helped us out at our Philokalia worship service.

  • Gung is teaching the visiting team to wrap paper hearts with mulberry paper
  • A group of ladies from the States visiting Lanna Theological Center, were interested in coming to help the Saa Paper group.  Tum is teaching them how to glue the flowers to the heart. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Marching along in March...

  • The folks from Empower International looking over our products
  • We are excited about our new supporters for our Saa Paper project. Empower International visited our center from Australia.  They are interested in placing orders from us for their new store. They are very impressed by the quality of our products and were excited to place a large order from us before they left.    This was such an encouragement to our group. 
  • Our handmade paper  products are still available in the States through Adele Spurgin  at 
  • The surveyor marked out the sites for the buildings. We are still in process of the necessary red tape that every step of the building process entails here in Thailand.  Prayers for patience and perseverance are appreciated!  Even though it is slow, progress is being made, and we look forward to construction in the very near future!

  • Our garden is doing great even though the weather has gotten very hot and it is very dry.  We put up little tents of straw and netting to help protect the plants that don't like too much sun.