Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day Of Blessing

  • Nan with her sister Noi.
  •  Anointing of oil
  • We witnessed a new birth after the service, of Nan, the daughter of our co- worker Prawit and his wife Suni.  Nan has been considering baptism for many years, and what a joy to see her decide to commit her life to Christ!

  •  Thai New Years traditionally includes a blessing.  We feel it is an important part of Thai culture and one that fits into the Christian life.  We had a blessing ceremony of tying strings around the wrist, only we tied the string in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Traditionally the older person offers the blessing to the younger one, but in a spirit of unity and love we were tying strings on each other offering a blessing in the name of Christ.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration of unity, forgiveness and blessings.

  • Jerry is offering a prayer at our blessing ceremony.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

  •  After the sermon Sunday we gathered around Surin's leaning house to see what could be done.
 We decided we could fix it ourselves and with the man power of every man and woman, boy and girl, we were able to stabilize the house.

 While we held the leaning house upright,the young people found stones and blocks to prop up the house.
We need to do some roof repair, and a repair of one of the supporting posts, but we are happy that we were able to save the house!

The Sunday Jon Came ... April 10th 2011

    • Jan is a Lahu man whom we have known for over 20 years. He was one of our students in the Bible College in which we used to teach many years ago. He and his wife and children are faithful servants of the Lord. Jan has a home for children who have not been able to be cared for. Some of the children are orphans, some have parents who are too poor or too sick to care for them.  There are 14 children in all.  The building where the children stay is falling down, leaking, and is not at all suitable to keep the children. Jan is busy trying to find money to build something more substantial for the children to live in.  We are teaching our congregation to be more about giving than receiving.  They raised over a hundred US Dollars to give to Jan and the children.  We invited Jon to preach and then presented him with the gift for building the housing for the children.

    Jan's sermon was about the Christian life... more than going to church and reading the Bible, it is a life changed, an offering of your life to serve the Lord.  Jon's life reflects what he preaches.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011


    • We had two very windy storms this week, and the temporary housing for Surin has turned out to have been very temporary!  Surin is away on vacation. In Thailand, we are celebrating Thai New Years.  It is on the same level of celebration of Christmas in America. Everyone goes home and tries to be with family, businesses shut down.  We gathered up Surin's belongings and put them in our office.  Our temporary meeting room survived the storm better, but some saa paper was destroyed.  We are thankful it wasn't much and it can be replaced for little cost.  Mud, leaves, and debris are everywhere. Some folks from the near by village came over early this morning to help repair the mushroom shack (the first storm almost tipped it over, so they reinforced it, so when the second storm came in the night, it withstood the wind better, but still needed some repairs.) 
    • The rains are early this year, and we had rain when it shouldn't normally have been raining. Its great for our gardens!