Sunday, August 7, 2011

The first week of August at the center

Ontario Christian Church sent over $1,000 dollars to buy and cow and build a barn for the cow. Here are church members assembling a barn we took apart a few days before.  It is located on the far side of the pond .  The barn and the cow are in our original plans for the farm. Eventually we will be processing the cow manure for cooking gas, and also using it for fertilizer for the gardens.

Pam and Dianne, (Pam's sister) helped by handing up the roofing tiles.

July at the center

Bua and Alm leading us in song as we worship on Sunday morning
The youth are decorating the bulletin board for Mother's Day, which will be August 12th.  We are planning a big work day on the property for Mothers Day, for it  is a national holiday, as it is the Queen's birthday.   The students from LTC (Lanna Theological Center) are coming to help cut grass, and plant gardens.
We had visitors this month, Pam's sister Dianne Wiley and Dianne's granddaughter Ashley came to work and to visit us. Ashley helped me with the children's class on Sunday morning.

The saa paper group have been very busy carrying out orders for local companies this summer.  Dianne, Ashley and I came to help out several times a week during their visit.