Monday, November 22, 2010

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

What a great time at the convention! We met so many talented and creative people there! We also touched base with old friends and coworkers! As the song goes, one is silver and the other is gold! Our booth was connected with two other Thai mission booths, and we were all together out in the hall not far from the registration counter.  I must say, as much as we enjoy it, we come home exhausted and ready to hibernate for a while. 

This is our last week in the States. We said good bye to our daughter Leah and her husband Michael and baby Emma at the convention.  I always hate good byes, they just never get easier. 

I am cooking the big turkey meal on Thanksgiving Day, as we have our twin daughters and their families for Thanksgiving. This will be our final visit with them and our grandchildren.  Another big day of being together, that we are all looking forward to!  We will combine it with an early birthday bash for Jason. It should be a great time if I can manage not to burn the turkey!  I still am having a hard time cooking with electric instead of my usual propane gas! 

Jerry has been invited to say a few words in the three services at Grandview Christian Church this Sunday. This is our home congregation that we attend when we are not traveling.  So it will be nice to be with these folk and say our goodbyes.  

We have a few loose ends to tie up,  quick lunch dates with friends that we haven't had the chance to be with yet... packing, library books to take back to the library ..that sort of thing, but I feel pretty calm right now about being prepared to walk out of the door by 4 a.m. Monday morning.  

I hope to have a picture or two up on this site the next time I post.

Have a very Thankful Thanksgiving everyone!!!! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

family reunion convention style

We are ready to pack our bags and head for the missionary convention in Lexington Ky!!  We will be leaving Thursday morning, with our son Jason as our passenger.  He will help man the booth for Philokalia.   Jerry and I are looking forward to seeing friends that have spanned the years, all in one place, as we set up our booth and greet friends and strangers and reconnect with those in whom we have lost touch.  We will have our saa paper cards and bags out on display and be giving them away for a donation. I am really excited to have our items available for such a large public viewing! 
Our daugther Leah and her husband Michael and baby Emma will also be attending. This will be the last opportunity to be with them before we depart for the field. I am looking forward to quality time with them also!