Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Middle of May

                             Progress on the first duplex house.        
  •               The rain has slowed us down a bit, but it is coming along nicely!
  •                    The floor is done, getting ready to put on the roofing

  •                                     Looking out over the pond
  • From the road looking in.... our orchard and banana grove is doing great!                   The rain has been great for the plants!

                                                 The uninvited guest

  •                    Ohm teaching Eurn how to play some of our songs.

  •  Doe-Doe, one of the orphans who comes every Sunday. He is being raised by his grandmother.
  •  Nat is being raised by her aunt, and is now very active in the youth group.
  • Ning and Noi are active members in the youth program, and are daughters of our Thai co-workers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

building progress and Merredith's visit

  •  Meredith and I had a good time checking out other modes of transportation.
  •  During summer when school is out, we have had a number of village children coming by and hanging out with the saa paper group. This is Lek. He is earning a bit of pocket money by helping out.
  •  Our temporary structure that we call our ministry center.  We really are enjoying going natural!
  •  Eating phat Thai at a near by restaurant.

  • The saa paper group working on an order.

  • The building pictures are not in chronological order... just some random pictures we took this week
  • The duplex house.. putting in the floor

    The men watching  a boxing match after the service

    • making a shelter for the Sunday school class, and a place to park the vehicles out of the sun during the week.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Easter Morning Service

    • Ready to walk the journey together to meet around the Lord's table to celebrate the risen Lord
    We gathered together at the end of our lane to walk the journey together 

    • We met around the table  for our worship service

    •  Reading scripture together
    •  Prayer for out time around the Lord's table
    •  The early risers
    • Breaking the bread on Easter morning
    •  preparing rice soup for breakfast after the service
    •  Fellowshipping around the bowls of rice
    • The young girl, Muay, is from the near by village, this is her first Easter Service
    • After breakfast the "kids" were excited to have the egg hunt
    •  Hunting for Easter eggs, if you found an egg with a cross on it, you got a small prize. Muay is happy to choose the bottle of oyster sauce !
    • We hid eggs in the circle around our tree. In the future the tree will be encircled by a large bench.

    • Taa also found a special egg

    • We ended our morning worship time setting off rockets to celebrate our Lord's rising
    •  Prawit's rocket went the highest
    • Jerry decides to have a try