Sunday, August 7, 2011

The first week of August at the center

Ontario Christian Church sent over $1,000 dollars to buy and cow and build a barn for the cow. Here are church members assembling a barn we took apart a few days before.  It is located on the far side of the pond .  The barn and the cow are in our original plans for the farm. Eventually we will be processing the cow manure for cooking gas, and also using it for fertilizer for the gardens.

Pam and Dianne, (Pam's sister) helped by handing up the roofing tiles.

July at the center

Bua and Alm leading us in song as we worship on Sunday morning
The youth are decorating the bulletin board for Mother's Day, which will be August 12th.  We are planning a big work day on the property for Mothers Day, for it  is a national holiday, as it is the Queen's birthday.   The students from LTC (Lanna Theological Center) are coming to help cut grass, and plant gardens.
We had visitors this month, Pam's sister Dianne Wiley and Dianne's granddaughter Ashley came to work and to visit us. Ashley helped me with the children's class on Sunday morning.

The saa paper group have been very busy carrying out orders for local companies this summer.  Dianne, Ashley and I came to help out several times a week during their visit.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday morning the 26th of June, 2011 was a beautiful overcast morning. I will share a bit of the beauty in the next few pictures

Our budding orchard, on the other side of the pond. (not the coconut trees in the background)

The drops of water on the lily pads were like diamonds
June 26th at our worship service.  Prayer request time.

welcoming visitors

Scripture reading

worshiping the Lord together
After the service, we eat lunch and hang out together , here are some of our "hanging out" pictures

Yai is in the pink shirt, she is on the staff at Philokalia. Her husband is Manop and works in a Christian outreach program for the Lisu tribe.  Their daughter, Ning is working hard and has plans to become a doctor to help the poor.  Pray for this family who has patterned their lives to helping others in Jeus's name.

     Our first duplex is almost finished! We need to add electricity and put in water.

     We are pleased with the way our duplex is looking!

     the living area

    the bedroom


    Jerry checking the building site

     tanwaa is showing us the tree in the center of our circle, where next we build a large bench around the tree.

    cute baby frogs

over 700 frogs in the pond at this time, and more coming!
winding down our time together, feeding the frogs their lunch

beautiful smiles


full of frogs


 after the rain, the water drops on the lily pads were beautiful

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The first couple of weeks of June

  •  Our baby frogs are growing bigger and stronger each day
  • A view of the duplex from the ministry center
  •  Ahm on the left is an orphan who has been coming to our services since she was about 4 years old. On the right is a friend of Ahm's who has been attending our services with Ahm, after first coming to a youth retreat put on by our youth.
  •  Muay, on the left, is a local girl from the village who loves to help the saa paper group.  She comes to the services on Sunday when she does not have to go to the temple.  Ning, one of our youth, is helping Muay with her homework after the services.
  •  Ahn has been attending the services with his friend Nat, who is one of our orphans.  Ahn enjoys soccer and plays on his school team.  He went to an English camp and heard a sermon, and wants to be a Christian. 
  •  Boy, with a bandage on his head, is another orphan whom has been coming since he was small.  He and his  buddies come and hang out.  Bua, our youth pastor is trying to develop a good relationship with the boys.
  • This is the progress of the house a week ago.  It has now been painted. I will update you next week !!  Next we will put the bench around the tree in the center of our drive. 
  •  A local family looking for a church home has been attending for the past few weeks.  Also the friends our youth are inviting has helped bring our numbers up the past few weeks. We are happy to have these new folks worship with us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Middle of May

                             Progress on the first duplex house.        
  •               The rain has slowed us down a bit, but it is coming along nicely!
  •                    The floor is done, getting ready to put on the roofing

  •                                     Looking out over the pond
  • From the road looking in.... our orchard and banana grove is doing great!                   The rain has been great for the plants!

                                                 The uninvited guest

  •                    Ohm teaching Eurn how to play some of our songs.

  •  Doe-Doe, one of the orphans who comes every Sunday. He is being raised by his grandmother.
  •  Nat is being raised by her aunt, and is now very active in the youth group.
  • Ning and Noi are active members in the youth program, and are daughters of our Thai co-workers.