Monday, February 14, 2011

Selling our Saa Paper products at the German School Sale

On Saturday the 12th of February,  Rainbow Tree, (those in Philokalia who produce Saa Paper products as a way to earn a living)  sold our bags, cards, picture frames. 

We loaded up the truck early and was able to set up before the crowds arrived.  Three of us took turns minding the table.   We did not sell a lot, but we did break even, as we had to rent space to sell.

The roses were made by a lady in the village near our land.  She has been affected by AIDS. Her daughter died of AIDS as has others in her family.  She came by to talk to our saa paper workers and asked if she could have our scrap paper. We gladly gave her all she wanted.  She took the scraps home and made beautiful paper roses with them. She brought them to us before we went to the sale, and asked us if we would take them with us. She was happy to make about 10 cents a rose.  We told her we were sure they were worth more than that! We sold them for 30 cents a rose.  We were able to bring back to her about 10 dollars (American), to help her with her income. she was thrilled!!! We were happy to support her, and hope that we can continue to provide her with supplies and avenues for selling them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday morning

  • Prawit is leading communion around the table
  • Reading of the Scripture
  • Auntie Laa has been friends with Philokalia for many years, but now that we are meeting closer to her house, she enjoys coming on Sunday mornings.
Waiting for lunch to be served
Our temporary building. We hold our worship services here and house the Saa Paper work.