Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new beginning ... January 2012

  • It was great to get back to Thailand after being away for our 3 months furlough of speaking and seeing family. Jerry arrived back in late November, and Pam made it back in time to spend Christmas with Jerry and our Philokalia family.  Surin is giving thanks for the bread and the cup. We lead a very simple life here on the farm. Our goal is to be a light to the community as we reach out in love to the hurting in Jesus' name. Thank you for your participation and prayers as you join us toward this goal.

  •  This sewing machine holds a special place in our hearts, as it was given in memory of Rita Counts by her daughter Cathy. Rita loved to sew and especially wanted Cathy to know the joys of sewing. As Cathy was not gifted in sewing, she wanted her mom's legacy to be passed on to those using sewing to benefit others.  This is Yai, sewing on the dedicated sewing machine.

A Christmas gathering of the saa paper work group. We had a Christmas dinner, exchanged gifts, handed out end-of-the-year bonuses, and ended with encouragement and prayer for the coming year.

Yai, in the center, is leading the program,  giving the group encouraging words and thanks for all who worked hard to make Rainbow Tree products something of which we can be proud.  The lady to Yai's left, and the man in the corner, are visitors who came to share the Christmas celebration with us.

Oley, in the center, and Ampha, to her left, are giving Yai their undivided attention. These two ladies are two core members of our group. They attend services on most Sundays, but have not taken the step of making Jesus lord of their lives.  They are HIV+, but are doing quite well with their health.

                                         Oley on a paper shopping trip

                             Joe helping out on our shopping trip. Joe is also a full time worker. He is a Buddhist man, and also is enjoying good health.

                         Buying cardboard for our boxes and picture frames, which we will cover with homemade saa paper.

We are beginning a line of bracelets and earrings.  On our shopping trip we purchased bags of beads to string.

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