Thursday, January 26, 2012

this week at Philokalia

  •  The Saa Paper group has had a busy week fulfilling a big order
  •  Painting clothes pin pegs. One of the newest members of our group, Tum, is a very talented painter.
  •                                            Some finished work
    Joe is working on some wrist bands
    Jerry has been teaching the team about how to study the Bible to help in their teaching and preaching.  We meet every Wednesday morning from 9 to 12  to study together.  After lunch we have our staff meeting.

Surin and Yai are bundled up and drinking their coffee as they study.

Ampha volunteered to catch us some fish for dinner.  We have begun selling our fish on a come- and -catch- it- yourself basis. 

Ok, so the fish is a lot closer to the camera and looks twice the size it really is! It tasted delicious!

These are some banana trees that Ashland Church helped us plant two years ago. They were not even knee high when we planted them.

Around the banana orchard we have fenced in an area for the chickens. We have been told our soil needs chicken manure for fertilizer.  Hence the chickens and the fence.
Thank you for visiting our blog for Philokalia! 

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